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Dear patient,
this section is intended for e-consulting your diagnosis. Send us your medical records from your physician, MRI images of the back and a filled in “Medical opinion” form. In the case of evaluating your medical indication as a suitable diagnosis to perform one of the medical procedures at EPC, our specialists will suggest a preliminary treatment plan and contact you as soon as possible via email or telephone to set a date for your first consultation. In the case of your medical indication not being suitable for treatment at EPC, we will inform you about this via email as soon as possible. We would like to emphasise that EuroPainClinics® does not treat back pain associated with oncological diagnoses and any common pain of the movement apparatus.

Medical records

For a successful submission of your medical documentation, you will need to compress (join all the documents into one ZIP archive). If you do not know how to do this, you can watch our 1-minute video which will help you.

Operations or serious injury in the past? Oncological treatments: On the following interactive figure, mark your pain. First please select the type of pain and then click on a character and place the marker, where you feel the pain. You can use as many types of pain as needed and mark several areas of body.
Sharp (Sh)
Dull (Du)
Stabbing (St)
Lodge (Lo)
Cutting (Cu)
Burning (Bu)
Flouncing (Fl)
Ripping (Ri)
Pressure (Pr)
Pinching (Pi)
Pulsing (Pu)
Other (Ot)
panak frontpanak back
Delete the last point
On the number line 0-10 mark the average intensity (power) of the pain experienced last week: Does the pain radiate (spread) to the lower limb?: Please specify how long the pain lasts Years - Months - Weeks - Duration of slight pain Years - Months - Weeks - The pain started The course of pain What can provoke your pain (get worse) From severe pain I can find the following aid Pain has the highest intensity In any area of the body do you feel loss of sensitivity? In any area of the body do you feel dropout of muscle strength? In addition to the pain I have other difficulties (you can also select multiple answers) So far, I took the pain killers with a given result Did you attend any other treatments in addition to painkillers? Are you taking blood thinners such Warfarin or antidiabetic drugs? In what does pain limits you the most? What do you expect from therapy?
The results of magnetic resonance imaging - MRI (ideally less than three months old, but not more old than 6 months)
Overall health report of your medical specialist (neurosurgeon, neurologyst, orthopedist, rehabilitation physician)
Information about your other medical diagnoses, e.g. cardiological problems, cardio-stimulators, hypertension, hypotension, coagulopathy, diabetes etc.