Welcome to EuroPainClinics® (EPC)

relief is our mission

EuroPainClinics r.i. (registered institute) is an institution mainly specialized in non-profit activities consisting of developing pain-treatment methods, especially methods for back-pain treatment. Scientific, research and educational activities play a major role in the field of pain-treatment. The results of such scientific or research activities may be further utilized by medical-service providers in the fields of algesiology, neurosurgery, orthopedics and neurology and by patients suffering from pain states.

EuroPainClinics® is a scientific supervisor for independent medical facilities with unique focus on interventional pain treatment. All centers provide the patients with a high-quality health care, aimed at relieving them from pain and minimizing the necessity of medication, thus returning them back to their active life. The workplaces EuroPainClinics® don’t focus on the back pain treatment associated with the cancer diagnosis and on the common musculoskeletal pain.

Evidence-based medicine, performed at our clinics, utilizes the best practices available, coming from scientific methods combined with our day-to-day clinical practice.

All of our procedures are performed by our professionals with a friendly and helpful attitude, in a highly professional environment. Centers provide the patients with health-care of the highest standards substantiated by our long-term international expertise.