EPC expertise

Our pain-treatment clinics have a long-standing, rich history with exceptional results in the fields of clinical care, research and education in interventional pain treatment. We offer complex clinical care and research programs for both non-malignant and malignant pain syndromes. The high standards of our services are under constant supervision of an advisory board comprised of renowned international specialists in pain treatment from the United Kingdom, Sweden and the Czech Republic. Our physicians are leaders in their areas of research and clinical expertise and have committed themselves to advancing the pain treatment by fully understanding the pathophysiology of the disease and interconnecting the research with clinical practice. EuroPainClinics® has been building up a strong tradition of educational activities (courses, workshops etc.). The graduates from this program rank among the specialists in pain treatment.

We have been perfecting both the clinical and the research programs. In the last couple of years, our network of interventional pain treatment facilities has been growing rapidly. The Prague branch of EuroPainClinics was opened in October 2013 and it is currently the only place in the Czech Republic where epiduroscopy is performed. It is now possible to use the help of EPC experts in dealing with health issues in three cities in Slovakia. The Bardejov clinic has been offering its services since 2009. Since November 2014, EPC is the scientific supervisor of the medical care provided by the Terasa outpatient clinic in Košice. In the early 2015, the clinic in the capital city of Bratislava was opened. The cooperation between the EPC facilities in Split (Croatia 2013) and in Romanian Bucharest (2013) has further increased the capacities for pain treatment, diagnostics and research. Our neuromodulation program has been consistently showing great results in patients undergoing both conventional and high-frequency spinal cord stimulation. All our clinical and research activities have been on the increase in the past years, providing our patients with access to modern treatments, including clinical evaluation. Thanks to our collaboration with colleagues from the hospitals in London, Manchester, Leeds, Dublin, Umeå and Prague, we have complex consultation pain-treatment programs at our disposal.

FIPP and World Institute of Pain (WIP) Certification

At the International Congress of the World Institute of Pain (WIP) held at the end of May MUDr. Róbert Rapčan, MBA, FIPP, Medical Director of EuroPainClinics®, was appointed to the prestigious position of examiner for the international FIPP test in the interventional treatment of pain. At the same time he is the first holder of the FIPP certification (Fellow of Interventional Pain Practice) in the Slovak and Czech Republics.

The World Institute of Pain is an international organisation that comprehensively supports interventional pain treatment. It develops global activities in transferring the latest findings about interventional methods and techniques into clinical practice and at the same time it consistently maintains and strengthens awareness about the possibilities of this treatment among the professional and general public.
MUDr. Rapčan’s success confirms his superior expertise, absolute professionalism and proficiency, which are a huge asset for the EuroPainClinics® knowledge platform and testifies to the quality of the treatment we provide as well as confirming that his innovative medical approach to treatment is of an international level.