Hospodářské noviny & innovation in health service: interview with MUDr. Miroslav Buriánek, MBA

16. 5. 2018

In the supplement of Hospodářské noviny on the topic of innovation in health service, the history, activities and future plans of the brand EuroPainClinics were presented by its founder MUDr. Miroslav Buriánek, MBA, chairman of the board of directors of EPH Health Invest SE, the company overarching all the facilities of EuroPainClinics.

In the interview he focuses on the unique mini-invasive and endoscopic treatments provided by our clinics, the benefits of these treatments for patients in comparison with the current system of outpatient treatments of chronic back pain, emphasizes the benefit of online communication with our patients through the online tool E-consultation and, in this connection, outlines the current intent of EuroPainClinics to engage in the field of telemedicine in the Czech health service, where we have already been active in some projects, e.g. in the electronic system Zdravel.


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