Novelties from EuroPainClinics introduced at the congress Slovak Dialogues on Pain

21. 6. 2018

smokovec 4The 26thSlovak Dialogues on Pain took place on 8thand 9thJune in Starý Smokovec. The main topic of the congress – education and communication in pain treatment followed this year’s activities of the professional associations IASP and EFIC which declared 2018 the Global Year for Excellence in Pain Education. At the specialized event attended by a hundred of algesiologists, the specialists of EuroPainClinics presented a number of the latest novelties in the separate block “Interventional Pain Practice”.

Education was the topic of the paper delivered by MUDr. Róbert Rapčan, PhD, MBA, FIPP, medical director of EuroPainClinics workplaces, in which he summarized the current concept of the field of pain medicine and its studies, described the main aspects and differences between conventional and interventional pain practice and emphasized the necessity of further specialized education of physicians.

In relation to further postgraduate education, MUDr. Rapčan introduced the international certification program Fellow of Interventional Pain Practice (FIPP) run by the World Institute of Pain. The physicians who undergo and successfully complete the program rank among the world top specialists in interventional pain practice. The certification proves the professional capability of the physician to master mini-invasive and endoscopic techniques in a safe and perfect manner. The EuroPainClinics facilities are the only medical facilities in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic that have physicians with this prestigious certification. These physicians are MUDr. Róbert Rapčan, PhD, MBA, FIPP (the medical director of EuroPainClinics workplaces), and the chief physicians MUDr. Martin Griger, FIPP (Bratislava), MUDr. Juraj Mláka, FIPP (Košice) and MUDr. Róbert Tirpák, FIPP (Prague).

Other papers on behalf of EuroPainClinics were presented by MUDr. L’ubomír Poliak who talked about the treatment of chronical back pain the source of which is intervertebral (facet) joints, and MUDr. Petr Lenčéš who described interventional techniques on the SI (sacroiliac) joint as the source of lower back pain. In the last paper, which arosed great interest, MUDr. Rapčan introduced the original method of the world-famous “Iceman” Wim Hof, which consists in the therapy by exposing the organism to extreme cold while using special breathing techniques, exercises and concentration of the mind, and he highlighted its beneficial and wholesome effects on all human body functions and organs, including positive effects on psyche.

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