Round Table of HN: MUDr. Miroslav Buriánek, MBA, in the debate on transformation of the health service with the use of artificial intelligence

25. 5. 2018

Another part of the debate cycle “Round Table of Hospodářské noviny” which is organized by Economia, a renowned publisher of economic and technical press, and which addresses current business and social topics, took place on 21 May and focused on the topic “Health service and its possible transformation through artificial intelligence”.

The discussion on how artificial intelligence has currently been used in medicine and in the Czech health service, what attitude is adopted by physicians towards new technologies, how the treatment in a number of fields may be helped by converting procedures into algorithms and whether data sharing is perceived by patients themselves as a benefit for their treatment, was attended by MUDr. Miroslav Buriánek, MBA, a founder of the brand EuroPainClinics and the chairman of the board of directors of EPC Health Invest, SE.

The article presenting the most interesting opinions of the round table participants was published by Hospodářské noviny.

HN_180524_vac-Modernizace-zdravotnictvi (kopie)

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