MUDr. Tomáš Hosszu, neurosurgeon


MUDr. Tomáš Hosszú, Ph.D. graduated from the faculty of medicine in Hradec Králové. He has shown his interest in neurosurgery already during the studies and has participated in an internship program at the department of neurosurgery in Swedish Uppsala. In 2009, he got his residency in neurosurgery. He then continued in postgraduate studies at the department of medical biophysics at Charles University.

Since his residency in 2009, he has been focusing almost entirely on spondylosurgery. He established the minimally invasive spinal surgery at his workplace and is currently performing 90 % of the surgeries.

The spectrum of surgeries:

- the whole spine – from cervical, through thoracic, lumbar to the sacral bone
- herniated discs, microsequestrectomy using tubular technique
- spinal decompression procedures
- stabilization procedures for fractures and injuries (usually percutaneous procedures)
- stabilization procedures for degenerative disease
- dynamic stabilization
- tumour resection surgery
- disc/vertebra replacement
- atypical spinal surgeries – via the chest, the abdomen, thoracoscopic procedures
- sacroiliac stabilization (SI-bone)

He is one of the few spondylosurgeons performing minimally invasive spinal fusions, the so-called MIDLIF and he teaches the technique of these surgeries in his classes in Leiden, the Netherlands.

He is a member of the Czech Neurosurgical Society under Czech Medical Association of J.E. Purkyně.

Every year, he lectures on numerous local and international spondylosurgical gatherings.


University Hospital Hradec Králové 2000 – now
EuroPainClinics 2014 – now

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