Welcome to EuroPainClinics® (EPC)

relief is our mission

Our Mission

“Our mission is to provide professional and innovative health care solutions that can relieve pain skilfully and precisely. To this end, we employ modern minimally invasive endoscopic procedures, along with first-class support and services, where pain is concerned.”

EuroPainClinics® is an expert guarantor of the partner and European collaborative clinical workplaces focusing on interventional pain management. Our specialization is the treatment of back pain as well as pain in the head, face and knee. In line with the EuroPainClinics® Mission, we provide highly specialized medical care to improve patient health by relieving pain, minimizing drug use and a quick return to active life.

Treatment at EuroPainClinics®

At EuroPainClinics®, we provide treatment by means of innovative, scientifically-based and thoroughly safe treatments that are represent the absolute pinnacle of current interventional pain treatment. All the operations are based on Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) and follow the SIS (Spine Intervention Society) recommendations. The results of our own research activities are also applied to our clinical practice. Our workplaces provide comprehensive intervention diagnostics, outpatient care and operations that take just a day. We do not focus on back pain associated with oncological diagnoses and the usual pains of the locomotive apparatus.

EuroPainClinics® & Innovation

Innovation is one of the prime corporate values of EuroPainClinics®. For many years now we have been concentrating all our efforts on monitoring the therapeutic trends in the area of interventional pain management. We are engaged in continuously developing our treatment methods and procedures and their application to daily clinical practice.

Innovation was the basic reason for establishing EuroPainClinics® and is still its central pillar as a place that is peerless and reflects the trends in modern treatment, with a strong and stable position in the field of interventional treatment of pain.

We offer our patients the latest treatment methods that bring many significant advantages and benefits compared to conventional forms of pain management and surgery. Continuous innovation, openness and an active approach confirms our comprehensive professionalism and at the same time symbolizes our distinctiveness, which is characterized by the systematic improvement of the healthcare and other services we provide for complete patient satisfaction.

EuroPainClinics® knowledge platform

During their activities all our workplaces use the EuroPainClinics® knowledge platform, which is a unique source of information and medical knowledge for day to day clinical practice, and which greatly assists the dynamically growing level of care at our workplaces. This unique base is the primary activity of EuroPainClinics z.ú. (registered institute), an institution whose main purpose is the generally beneficial activity of developing methods of pain management, especially methods for treating back pain. Scientific, research and educational activities play an important role in the field of pain management. The results from this form an integral part of the knowledge platform and are available to all experts in the field of algesiology, neurology, neurosurgery, orthopaedics and other disciplines.

We offer treatment and healthcare at the highest professional level. The expertise of our physicians, who have long-term international clinical experience, the education of our specialized nurses and intensive cooperation with leading international experts from a number of medical disciplines is an added value for our further development and a guarantee of excellent treatment results.

Our ambition is for EuroPainClinics® to use its knowledge platform to create the ideal conditions for the broad expansion of modern therapeutic methods to other workplaces both at home and abroad, thus consolidating its name in the “front lines” of modern interventional medicine.