Are you interested in treatment at EuroPainClinics®? Take advantage of our E-consultation!

21. 11. 2016

We offer those interested in treatment an opportunity to save time by going online to discover whether their diagnosis is suitable for one of the medical procedures carried out at EuroPainClinics®.

By means of the E-consultation section on the website at you can send us the medical documentation, the MRI images of the spine and the completed “Medical Report” form. After our experts have assessed all of the documents, and they feel that you are a good candidate for treatment at EuroPainClinics ® we will telephone or send an email with a proposal of the date for your first visit to us and with the preliminary recommendations for treatment. If your condition requires treatment beyond our specialisation and we will not be able to provide a suitable solution, we will also email you to inform of that fact. The E-consultations are free. Please note that the EuroPainClinics workplaces don’t focus on the back pain treatment associated with cancer diagnoses and general musculoskeletal pain. Naturally you can book an initial entrance examination for all EuroPainClinics® workplaces by phone.