Discover the benefits of minimaly invasive and endoscopic procedures

25. 8. 2017

EuroPainClinics® specializes in long-term treatment of chronic back pain stemming om a variety of causes. A number of minimally invasive procedures are conducted under the expert supervision of EuroPainClinics®. The majority of procedures are performed endoscopically, and the specific treatment is determined for each patient individually, on the basis of multi-disciplinary medical judgement.

According to ISMISS(1), minimaly invasive procedures, in comparison with conventional surgery, are of a great benefit to the patients.

– A smaller risk of post-operative complications (e.g. bleeding in the epidural space, infections, damage of spinal nerves, worsening of pain).

– A smaller surgical wound and minimal blood loss.

– Minimal formation of post-operative scars and fibrosis in the epidural space.

– An easier surgical resection is possible.

– Faster rehabilitation and return to work.

All procedures provided by EuroPainClinics® are according to evidence-based medicine (EBM) and are governed by international standards SIS (Spine Intervention Society).

We are of the opinion that:

  • not every patient is suitable for this type of treatment
  • not every patient will have the same pain-relieving effect
  • minimally invasive is not always the better option in every patient