Damaged intervertebral discs: www.discherniation.eu

12. 12. 2016

The treatment of chronic lower back pain associated with damaged discs is dealt with on the new international web page www.discherniation.eu.
The degeneration of the intervertebral discs starts around 30 years of age in the area of the cervical spine and gradually extends to other areas. According to recent studies, up to 56% of adults suffer from prolapsed (herniation) discs. The website gives information about the causes of herniation and the most common symptoms, it presents the diagnostic and therapeutic operations on the spine, including advanced medical treatment procedures using endoscopic techniques. Those interested in treatment can make an online appointment for an initial consultation and get to know the medical experts and individual workplaces at EuroPainClinics®. The pages at www.spinalendoscopy.eu are available in English, Czech and Slovak.


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