Endoscopic Center

We provide a wide range of endoscopic operations for precision diagnosis and the therapy of patients with back pain in the EuroPainClinics® specialized workplaces called Endoscopic Centers. Our long-standing experience, top experts and clinical experience with more than 2,000 successful endoscopic procedures is a confirmation of our expertise and professional approach to your treatment.

The advantages of endoscopic procedures

  • Smaller incidence of postoperative complications
  • Smaller surgical wound and minimal blood loss
  • Minimal postoperative scar formation and fibrosis in the epidural space
  • Simpler surgical revision if necessary
  • Faster rehab and an early return to work

Endoscopic treatment of prolapsed intervertebral

Each of the following symptoms may be associated with a prolapsed intervertebral disc that irritates or presses on a nerve and causes pain:

  • Do you feel severe back pain when sitting, standing, turning quickly or lifting heavy objects?
  • Do you suffer from a severe, mostly one-sided pain in the limbs associated with sensitivity to immobility in the limbs?
  • Do you feel pain together with a tingling or “pins and needles” in your legs, hands, feet?
  • Do you have severe back pain associated with an inability to lean forward, kneel or lift a limb?
  • Do you have problems with a sphincter disorder (incontinence)?
  • Do you often experience sudden pain in the lumbar region associated with cramps in the lower back (lumbago)?
  • Do you feel the pain from the SI joint?

If you suffer from long-term back pain and no treatment has brought enough relief so far, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have degenerative changes on your spine on an MRI?
  • Have you gone through exercises and rehabilitation without any improvement in the pain?
  • Have you gone through physiotherapy without any real result?
  • Have you tried the available medicines, ointments and patches – with no relief?
  • Has your current neurological treatment failed to help you?
  • Have you undergone surgery and the pain persists?

Did you answer YES and are you interested in learning more about further options on how to treat your pain? Fill in and send us the E-consultation form and other documentation. After evaluating the documents, we would be glad to make an appointment for an initial consultation with our pain management specialist.

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