EPC expertise

All EuroPainClinics® workplaces have a long and rich tradition with excellent results in the field of interventional pain treatment and percutaneous endoscopy, which is greatly benefitted by the ever expanding research and educational activities.

The Expertise of the Professional Teams

The doctors at EuroPainClinics® are experienced specialists in treating pain who have undertaken to improve pain management by understanding the pathophysiology of an ailment and coupling research with clinical practice.

Our teams are made up of physicians from the fields of algesiology, anaesthesiology and intensive medicine, orthopaedics, neurology, neurosurgery and other disciplines, with many years of clinical practice and experience from abroad as well as specialized nurses. We have long-term cooperation with foreign experts who are renowned specialists, for example, in the fields of rheumatology or spinal surgery.

As pain management experts, we provide comprehensive intervention therapy with modern minimally invasive and advanced endoscopic procedures.

The Clinical Board

The high level of professional care is constantly supervised by the Clinical Board composed of recognized international pain relief specialists from Great Britain, Sweden and the Czech Republic.


At EuroPainClinics®, we have the honour to be part of the global intervention algesiology by means of the World Institute of Pain (WIP), which, together with its FIPP Board of Examination, oversees psychometrically developed exams in the area of pain management. Doctors who successfully complete the demanding examination process receive a certificate of education in interventional treatment of pain, including the title Fellow of Interventional Pain Practise (FIPP), which entitles them to carry out activities in interventional pain treatment throughout the world. The list of certified doctors is available to medical organizations and the general public.

The role of the World Institute of Pain, a nonprofit and independent organization, is to protect the public and inform it about improvements in the quality and availability of interventional techniques in the treatment of pain.

The first holder of the FIPP certification in the Czech and Slovak Republics is MUDr. Róbert Rapčan, Ph.D., MBA, FIPP, Medical Director of EuroPainClinics®, who was also appointed to the prestigious position of a FIPP Examiner for international FIPP exams in May 2016.

In September 2017, MUDr. Róbert Tirpák, FIPP, the head physician of the specialized EuroPainClinics workplace in Prague, became the holder of this prestigious certification, making him the first doctor with this certification in the Czech Republic. MUDr. Martin Griger, FIPP, the head physician of the specialized EuroPainClinics workplace in Bratislava, became the second doctor in Slovakia after MUDr. Rapčan.

Educational Activities

Ever since its inception, EuroPainClinics® has been building a strong tradition of educational activities. Professional seminars, courses and workshops are designed not only for specialists associated with the fields of pain management but practically all doctors who encounter issues of pain with their patients in everyday practice. Professional events are organized on a domestic and international basis with the participation of foreign instructors and speakers.

Clinical Research at EuroPainClinics®

Clinical research is testimony to the innovative approach of EuroPainClinics® in the area of interventional pain management. There are currently 5 active studies on the treatment methods PRT, Epiduroscopy, Disc FX, Radiofrequency Denervation of Facet Joints and Endoscopic Discectomy. All these studies are registered in the international registration database ClinicalTrials.gov RS, U.S. National Institutes of Health and take place at 7 workplaces in the Czech and Slovak Republics. More about the clinical trials.

EuroPainClinics® Workplaces

The network of interventional pain management workplaces has been growing rapidly over the years.

The branch in Prague was established in October 2013 and is currently the only place in the Czech Republic where minimally invasive operations are carried out in accordance with the EuroPainClinics® knowledge platform. In the Slovak Republic the workplace in Bardejov has been operating and offering its services since 2009 (under the name R-Clinic). Since November 2014, EuroPainClinics® has been the expert guarantor of the health care provided by the Terasa clinic in Košice. In Bratislava, a specialized pain management clinic was opened at the beginning of 2015. Clinic in Brno followed in 2019 and Ostrava with Hradec Králove in 2020.

Clinical workplaces that collaborate with EPC are currently located in the seaside town of Split (Croatia), London, Białystok (Poland) and Umeå (Sweden). This close collaboration with European workplaces significantly increases the capacity for treating pain, diagnosis and research using the EuroPainClinics® knowledge platform, which allows patients to have rapid and widely available access to modern methods for treating pain.