Epiduroscopy is an excellent procedure for patients with persistent or new-onset back pain following spinal surgery (FBSS, failed back surgery syndrome). The source of pain is most commonly due to epidural brosis in the spinal canal, which irritates the spinal root or causes narrowing of the epidural space. The method is e ective in patients for whom conventional therapy does not bring about desired results or for those where the pain is unmanageable.A special needle is inserted into the natural opening of the sacrum (into the sacral hiatus) under local anaesthesia and with the assistance of X‐Ray visualization. An endoscope is introduced through the needle, and brous tissue is removed using laser or radio equency ablation under constant visual guidance. In the case of a narrow spinal canal, a balloon catheter is inserted which will enable its widening and a clear view of the working space. The length of the procedure ranges om 20 to 60 minutes. The patient is under local anaesthesia throughout the procedure.