31. 1. 2017

By means of its knowledge platforms EuroPainClinics® is expanding into other European countries. From mid-January it has been the professional guarantor of the cooperating workplace EuroPainClinics® Sverige in the Swedish university town of Umeå. 

The integrated EuroPainClinics® Sverige centre is a modern clinical facility for the treatment of chronic pain, which as one of the few facilities in the whole of Sweden focusing on intervention treatment of pain by means of minimally-invasive and endoscopic procedures. The clinic offers outpatient care and one-day surgery techniques and ensures the subsequent rehabilitation treatment in collaboration with the renowned clinic Specialist Kliniken in Umeå. Dr. Lars Walén, the head doctor at EuroPainClinics® Sverige, states, “Thanks to the most modern therapeutic techniques and the extensive clinical experience of our experts in pain management, we provide therapeutic solutions and support for all those seeking pain relief in order to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.”

The EuroPainClinics® Sverige workplace specialises in treating lower back pain and certain types of pain in the thoracic and cervical spine. It offers a broad portfolio of minimally-invasive therapeutic procedures to advanced endoscopic surgery on damaged intervertebral discs (endoscopic discectomy), epidural adhesions arising after operations on the spine as a result of the so-called failed back surgery syndrome (epiduroscopy) or facet joints (endoscopic rhizotomy). All the procedures provided at EuroPainClinics® Sverige are based on evidence based medicine (EBM) and are governed by the international standards of the SIS (Spine Intervention Society).

Umeå is the capital city of the Västerbotten Region in northern Sweden, which is characterized as a dynamically-growing centre of culture, technology, education and medical research. For those interested in the treatment of back pain, and not just from Sweden, the integrated EuroPainClinics® Sverige centre is ideally suited in terms of the availability of transport as it is in close proximity to the international airport in Umeå.



Photo: Specialist Kliniken, Umeå