MUDr. Robert Rapčan, PhD, MBA, FIPP, Medical Director


Dr. Robert Rapčan, PhD, MBA, FIPP, is a pain-treatment specialist certified in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and anesthesiologist and intensivist certified in Sweden, the United Kingdom, in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. He is an expert in pain treatment using interventional techniques under fluoroscopic and ultrasound guidance. Dr. Rapčan holds the prestigious certification of the World Institute of Pain board (WIP) – Fellow of Interventional Pain Practice (FIPP) and a Master’s degree in ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia and pain management techniques.


    • International Spine Intervention Society (ISIS)
    • World Institute of Pain (WIP)
    • Slovak Society for Pain Research and Treatment (SSSLB)
    • Slovak Society for Interventional Pain Treatment (SIA)
    • International Neuromodulation Society (INS)
    • Europien Society of Regional Anaesthesia (ESRA)
    • Polish Society for interventional Pain Treatment
  • Slovak Interventional Society for Pain Treatment – Chairman

Hospitals and International Collaborations

Hudiksvall General Hospital, Sweden (Consultant for Anesthesia and Intensive Care), 2010–present

EuroPainClinics (Medical Director, Consultant for Pain-Treatment Medicine), 2013–present

United Kingdom Specialist Hospitals, England (Medical Director, Lead Anesthesiologist and Pain-Treatment Physician), 2005–2010

Norrlands University Hospital, Sweden (Consultant for Anesthesia and Intensive Care), 2000–2005

St Jacob’s Hospital, Slovak Republic (Resident, Anesthesia and Intensive Care), 1993-2000