MUDr. Ladislav Kočan, PhD, presented a EuroPainClinics® clinical trial on epiduroscopy in Salzburg

18. 7. 2017

davMUDr. Ladislav Kočan, PhD, a Clinical Research Manager at EuroPainClinics®, successfully took part in the prestigious Salzburg Medical Seminars, an international seminar of medical postgraduate education on “Clinical Research Methods 2017”, in Salzburg from 2 to 8 July. At the seminar he introduced the EuroPainClinics® Study II clinical study on treatment using epiduroscopy, which received a very positive assessment from the academics and other professional public.

The seminar went over the latest developments in clinical research methods including a number of themes such as study design, study management, biostatistical methods and bioethical principles or implementing clinical research into clinical practice. Intensive teaching for participants – physicians from 29 countries led by leading medical authorities and professors from The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute and the University of Pennsylvania.

The Salzburg Medical Seminars have been taking place since 1993. These high quality education programmes help participants in their professional growth. They can then transfer the experiences and knowledge they have acquired to clinical practice and thus make a significant contribution to raising the level of health care in their countries. Among the founders and sponsors of the seminars are the American Austrian Foundation, the Austrian Ministry of Science, Research and Economics and the Open Society Foundation.

The clinical study on epiduroscopy presented by MUDr. Kočan is one of five registered clinical trials EuroPainClinics® has carried out. It examines the benefits of epiduroscopy for patients with back pain, who have had one or more operations on the spine i.e. failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS) and focuses on the monitoring of long-term pain relief and improving the quality of life for patients. The study compares two therapeutic procedures. In one group of patients, the results of mechanical lysis (epiduroscopy using a method of removing fibrous adhesions) were examined. In the second group, along with removing the adhesions, a drug was administered with the aim of investigating the effect of the drug that has yet to be confirmed in any clinical trials.

Currently, EuroPainClinics®, in the framework of its research activities, is carrying out clinical studies on periradicular therapy (PRT), Disc FX, endoscopic denervation of the facet joints and endoscopic discectomy, and is preparing a sixth study on Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS). The results obtained from the studies will be a significant scientific contribution to improving medical knowledge and its application in practice when treating patients.

EuroPainClinics® has prepared the first results from the clinical studies on epiduroscopy and endoscopic discectomy for publication in professional journal during this autumn.



LacoMUDr. Ladislav Kočan, PhD, Clinical Research Manager EuroPainClinics® – anaesthesiologist and intensivist, the Chief Clinical Research Manager at EuroPainClinics®. He is the author and co-author of a number of internationally peer-reviewed publications and the coordinator of several medical studies in the field of interventional pain management and intensive medicine. He is a member of the Editorial Board of the American Journal of Food and Nutrition. He has worked at the University Hospital of Louis Pasteur in Košice and is currently has his clinical practice at the East Slovak Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases. He is an assistant professor at the Medical Faculty of the Pavel Jozef Šafařík University in Košice.