MUDr. Róbert Rapčan, FIPP, obtained the prestigious appointment of FIPP Examiner from the World Institute of Pain

11. 7. 2016

At the International Congress of the World Institute of Pain (WIP) held at the end of May MUDr. Róbert Rapčan, FIPP, Medical Director of EuroPainClinics®, was appointed to the prestigious position of examiner for the international FIPP test in the interventional treatment of pain. At the same time he is the first holder of the FIPP certification (Fellow of Interventional Pain Practice) in the Slovak and Czech Republics.

The World Institute of Pain is an international organisation that comprehensively supports interventional pain treatment. It develops global activities in transferring the latest findings about interventional methods and techniques into clinical practice and at the same time it consistently maintains and strengthens awareness about the possibilities of this treatment among the professional and general public.
MUDr. Rapčan’s success confirms his superior expertise, absolute professionalism and proficiency, which are a huge asset for the EuroPainClinics® knowledge platform and testifies to the quality of the treatment we provide as well as confirming that his innovative medical approach to treatment is of an international level.

We took the opportunity to pose a few questions to MUDr. Rapčan.

Congratulations on your appointment, which leads to my opening question – what is the essence of an FIPP Examiner and what is his mission in general?
The essence and the mission of the international examiner for FIPP tests lies in the fact that he is able to objectively compare and evaluate the knowledge and skills of other intervention algesiologists. As an examiner he has a unique opportunity to see how interventional pain management works around the world and how others work in this field. Anyone who decides to become an FIPP examiner, first goes through the official education to teach them how to assess others. This will also teach them how to assess themselves. First of all, though, they must prove their own professional skills and competencies.

You took the official FIPP Examiner test in May in New York. How does such a test proceed, do you need to go through some special preparation?
The basic premise to become an instructor is to successfully pass the FIPP test. One of the other important prerequisites is that the person holds the position of “observer”. It is necessary to undergo a series of educational courses, where you must learn to have 100 percent control of the individual nuances of Interventional techniques applied at the international level so they can be routinely performed anywhere in the world, then you must learn how to accurately assess each participant of the tests under the applicable and approved international criteria. You must know the official guidelines perfectly. In New York it was necessary to go through the whole “torture” of the formal courses for all these activities and wait for the verdict of the original examiners who decide whether a person is or is not competent to perform this function. Part of the test is your own assessment of the work of twenty other candidates, whose results are then compared with the assessments and opinions of the original examiners. They must be virtually the same; otherwise the candidate can be disqualified. I have to say that all the participants in the New York test had come excellently prepared, which, of course, is the basis if one’s ambition is to become an examiner, and they were all successful.

What was your impulse to get the FIPP title?
I received the FIPP certification in 2013 on the basis of the official tests, which took place in Maastricht, Holland. The motivation to get the title came from several years of communicating with Professor Gabor Raczem from Hungary, one of the founders of the FIPP, who convinced me that for a legitimate proof of quality in the field in the context of Central and Eastern Europe it is necessary to prove that what I do, I do well. And one of the best ways to demonstrate your abilities is the highly reputable FIPP certification. That was the key reason why I prepared for the FIPP test and passed it.

Does this mean that with the FIPP certification you can carry out your activities anywhere in the world?
The FIPP test assesses the doctor’s professional quality in interventional pain management techniques. Anyone who passes the test demonstrates that they have this quality at an excellent level. This proves a professional skill that is recognised virtually all over the world, from Europe across the U.S. and Canada to Australia. Of course for clinical practice more licenses are necessary, but this certification is valid everywhere.

Is this prestigious certification a professional success on your ”home turf”? Will you be able to apply your new position in the near future?
So far I’m the only holder of the FIPP certification and the only FIPP examiner in the Czech and Slovak Republics. I will shortly be present as an examiner at the FIPP tests held in August in Budapest.

Is there much interest among doctors in obtaining the FIPP certification? Which fields do they come from and, from your perspective, is it possible to evaluate their readiness in specific countries?
Of course, the exam Itself is accompanied by a number of other factors, including demands on your psychological resilience and equanimity, tou need more time to prepare and, last but not least, there are the financial costs. There i interest in the test from doctors from fields such as orthopaedic surgery, rheumatology, neurology or physio-rehabilitation. The core of the applicants, however, are anesthesiologists and neurosurgeons, and from a range of countries, for example Egypt, which is the leading country in interventional pain management among the Arab countries, in Europe it’s Holland, Belgium, but, for example, the doctors from Poland or the Ukraine are very well prepared.
I believe that all our doctors at EuroPainClinics® will gradually receive the prestigious FIPP certification. I’m convinced about their skills and knowledge and I’ll help them prepare for the exam.

Thank you for the interview and we wish you many more professional achievements.


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