MUDr. Róbert Tirpák and MUDr. Martin Griger were awarded the prestigious FIPP certification for pain management intervention

26. 9. 2017

MUDr. Róbert Tirpák, head of the EuroPainClinics® specialized workplace in Prague, and MUDr. Martin Griger, head of the EuroPainClinics® specialized workplace in Bratislava, became holders of the international certification for pain management, including the title FIPP (Fellow of Interventional Pain Practice) from the World Institute of Pain. The appointment was conditional on successfully passing the professional examinations that were held in Budapest at the end of August.

MUDr. Róbert Tirpák, FIPP, is the first doctor to hold the prestigious FIPP certification in the Czech Republic. MUDr. Martin Griger, FIPP, is the second to hold the certification in Slovakia, after MUDr. Róbert Rapčan, MBA, FIPP.

The World Institute of Pain (WIP) supports the area of pain intervention on a global scale. It is actively involved in communicating knowledge about intervention methods and techniques, strengthening awareness among the professional and lay public about interventional options, it focuses on developing recommended procedures for treatment and improving standards of care for patients with pain.

For physicians specializing in treating pain, together with the FIPP Examining Board, it prepares extensive educational programmes focusing on intervention techniques. Doctors who meet all the criteria and successfully complete the FIPP certification programme, culminating in taking demanding psychometric tests before the FIPP Examining Board, receive a certificate confirming their excellent professional skills and competencies in interventional pain management. The FIPP Certification authorizes physicians (along with the nationallicense) to work in the field of interventional treatment all over the world. At present, more than a thousand physicians from over 60 countries worldwide hold FIPP certification.

MUDr. Róbert Tirpák, FIPP and MUDr. Martin Griger, FIPP, have joined a global elite of physicians for interventional pain management, and we are honoured that they can demonstrate their high level of competence in the treatment of patients at the EuroPainClinics® workplace.

We cordially congratulate you for great success!

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