MUDr. Róbert Tirpák, head of the EuroPainClinics® partner workplace in Prague

22. 2. 2017

The head physician of the EuroPainClinics® partner workplace in Prague is MUDr. Róbert Tirpák, a specialist in pain management, an attested algesiologist, anaesthesiologist and intensivist, a certified first aid instructor for physicians conducted under the European Resuscitation Council and a certified acupuncturist. Furthermore, MUDr. Tirpák obtained a specialisation exam in manual myoskeletal medicine.

In the course of his clinical practice, he has worked for many years in prestigious clinical facilities in the UK (eg. Chesterfield Royal Hospital, Homerton University Hospital, North Middlesex University Hospital and Royal Brompton Hospital in London, the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, Hereford County Hospital, etc.). He is a member of the Czech Medical Chamber, the Slovak Medical Chamber, the SIS (Spine Intervention Society), an international society for Interventional treatment of the spine, and a member of the professional Society for the Study and Treatment of Pain of the Czech Medical Association of J. E. Purkyně (ČLS JEP.), the Czech Medical Acupuncture Society of ČLS JEP and the Society for Myoskeletal Medicine of ČLS JEP.