New corporate brochure presenting all there is about EuroPainClinic®

17. 5. 2016

A new image-information brochure has just been brought out for the general and professional public demonstrating EuroPainClinics’ activities in terms of the work it carries out, the therapeutic methods it uses, the region it covers as well as presenting the top specialists in the interventional treatment of pain.

The EuroPainClinics® corporate brochure contains a range of practical information on chronic back pain and the options for treating it including two advanced endoscopic methods – Epiduroscopy and Endoscopic discectomy, which have QR codes to download an animated video about the course of the treatment (English version). Our patients give exclusive and very frank testimonies about their personal experience of treatment at EuroPainClinics®. A special part is dedicated to EuroPainClinics’® world-class specialists/experts, who are the main leaders in treatment here; it also introduces the active clinical research successfully taking place at EuroPainClinics ®. The brochure includes an overview of EuroPainClinics’® clinical partner workplaces, including important contacts. This corporate material is currently published in Slovak, other language versions are being prepared.

Corporate brochure for download