24. 10. 2016

As of October 2016 EuroPainClinics will extend its portfolio with a new service – an independent medical review of the results from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the spine. Customers can take advantage of the free service by means of the online platform

mri-enAn examination using magnetic resonance imaging (MR) presents important information about the patient’s health and is the first step for the diagnosis and subsequent determination of the most effective treatment. As an expert in the treatment of chronic back pain, EuroPainClinics® has many years of experience in interpreting the results of MRI and currently offers the general public the expert opinion of other specialists as an independent, professional medical opinion on the diagnosis.

Independent evaluation prepared by experienced experts from relevant fields of medicine with many years of clinical experience in domestic and foreign workplaces. Currently only MRI scans of the spine (sacral spine and coccyx, lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine) are accepted for the review.

The ‘Free MRI Review – a second opinion of an expert’ service is available on the online platform and represents an easy way and an opportunity to gain certainty on issues concerning your health and your treatment. The web page has detailed information and instructions on how to send the MRI and other medical records, including a form for the medical report, with an interactive pain indicator.

The service is intended for anyone who is getting ready for treatment and at the same time to all those who wish to get a second expert opinion, confirm the existing diagnosis or want to keep informed about new or additional treatment options.

EuroPainClinics® is offering the ‘MRI Review – a second opinion of an expert’ service for free and the results are assessed within 3 working days.



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