Ortho Pain Center

The Ortho Pain Center EuroPainClinics® is a specialist workplace providing radiofrequency treatment for knee pain in osteoarthritis to improve the patient’s quality of life by reducing the intensity of the pain and reducing the use of medication.

Our many years of clinical experience in the field of pain management and intensive cooperation with foreign experts in the fields of orthopaedics, orthopaedic surgery, rheumatology and physiotherapy allow us to offer you comprehensive treatment including diagnostics, minimally-invasive treatment, rehabilitation recommendations and physiotherapy procedures based on the latest scientific knowledge and current trends in the world of medicine.

Any of these symptoms may be a sign of advanced osteoarthritis of the knee joint which can cause severe pain.

  • Do you suffer from knee pain that is long-lasting (more than 6 months)?
  • Do you have severe movement difficulties, a feeling of instability?
  • Are you struggling with joint stiffness in the morning or stiffness after inactivity?
  • Do you suffer from swelling of the knee, can you see knee deformities or redness caused by inflammation?
  • Can you hear a clear “grinding” noise when you move your knee joint?
  • Do you get a shooting pain that affects other areas around the knee joint?
  • Have you been suffering from long-term pain at night or when resting?

Radiofrequency treatment of knee joint pain in osteoarthritis

dual radiofrequence therapy

84% Pain relief

Pain reliefAfter three months of treatment 84% of patients undergoing bipolar RF therapy achieved at least 50% of pain relief in the knee compared to the initial state1

A modern-day treatment for inflammation (arthritis) is bipolar thermal radiofrequency.*

Radiofrequency denervation
Bipolar intraarticular pulsed radiofrequency*

Radiofrequency treatment of knee joint pain in osteoarthritis - Dual radiofrequence therapy

The benefits of radiofrequency treatment of knee pain in osteoarthritis

  • 1 Performed as an outpatient.
  • 2 Carried out under local anaesthetic.
  • 3 Takes just 30 minutes.

If you suffer from long-term knee pain as a result of advanced osteoarthritis and your previous treatment has not given you enough relief, please answer the following questions:

  • Does your x-ray show degenerative changes associated with osteoarthritis of the knee?
  • Have you been diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis in stage 3 or 4?
  • Are you waiting for knee replacement surgery?
  • Are there certain reasons you cannot or don’t want to undergo surgery?
  • Have you exercised and undergone physio but without sufficient pain relief?
  • Do you suffer from long-lasting (more than 6 months) knee pain?

Did you answer YES and are you interested in the possibility of radiofrequency treatment of the knee during osteoarthritis?

Please fill in and send us the E-consultation form and the medical documentation available to you. After reviewing it with our pain management specialists, we will e-mail you in the shortest possible time to contact with our comments. If an operation is recommended, we would like to make an appointment with you for an in-depth consultation at our specialized workplace.

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  • 1 Santana Pineda MM, Vanlinthout LE, Moreno Martín A, van Zundert J, Rodriguez Huertas F, Novalbos Ruiz JP. Analgesic Effect and Functional Improvement Caused by Radiofrequency Treatment of Genicular Nerves in Patients With Advanced Osteoarthritis of the Knee Until 1 Year Following Treatment. Reg Anesth Pain Med. 2017 Jan/Feb;42(1):62-68. doi: 10.1097/AAP.0000000000000510.