Physiotherapy workshop by Swedish specialists fascinated doctors and nurses in Bardejov

18. 4. 2017

Kosice_sport_m04On 8 April this year, in cooperation with the Department of Physiatry, Balneology and Therapeutic Rehabilitation of the SVaLZ Hospital with the Policlinic of Saint Jacob in Bardejov,  EuroPainClinics® organized a practical workshop for rehabilitation doctors and nurses, where Swedish experts Prof. Dr. Håkan Alfredson and Björn Aasa, MaSci, RPT, shared their rich clinical experience. The interactive seminar primarily addressed the participants due to its particular focus on the application of findings and physiotherapy techniques directly in practice.


Kosice_sport_m01The professional workshop was attended by more than fifteen rehabilitation physicians and nurses and took place in the rehabilitation unit of the Bardejov hospital in two blocks. In the first part Björn Aasa, MaSci, RPT, shared his experience as a practicing physiotherapist. He demonstrated the diagnostic examination and rehabilitation techniques individually for five patients present with various indications and a degree of pain in the back, neck and shoulders. He presented a number of techniques and exercises for proper posture and movements for effective pain relief, which several of the patients said they felt immediately after the procedure.


The second part of the seminar was led by Prof. Dr. Håkan Alfredson, one of the most important international orthopaedic surgeons, who shared his extraordinary clinical experience in the treatment of chronic tendon pain. In his lecture he introduced some unique innovations in surgical techniques for the Achilles tendon, which he helped develop in the framework of many years of intensive research.