Service for patients

What do you take with you before EuroPainClinics® visit?

Because accurate diagnostic tests are needed, please bring with you the following medical documentation if you have it: Results / images of imaging examination methods such as magnetic resonance imaging (results not older than 3 months), CT scan (computed tomography), X-ray, health specialist recomendations (neurosurgeon, neurologist, orthopedic surgeon, rehabilitation physician) and your overall medical report.

Is it possible to send the results of medical examinations electronically before the first visit to EuroPainClinics®?

In order that personal contact is necessary to obtain an accurate diagnosis and treatment procedure we are not accepting the results of medical tests sent via e-mail or on a CD or in a similar format before first visit of EuroPainClinics®.

The examination please order at telephone numbers +421 984 404 593 (telephone central office to Bratislava, Bardejov, Kosice) and tel. +420 702 297 397 (office Prague), where you at joint agreement the date of your first visit EuroPainClinics® we give you any further information.