Patient support

Why us?

As our patient, you will have a quick access to all of our services. In the care of EuroPainClinics®, you will get access to some of the treatment techniques which are not standardly offered in your health-care system. You will also benefit from the long-term outstanding expertise of our physicians.

Who will benefit from our treatment?

Patients with long-term back pains (three and more months), who are not satisfied with pain relief and/or do not respond to traditional treatment, if the pain can be localized using interventional examination procedures. If you’ve tried medication, infusions, physiotherapy etc. with no major improvement, or even aggravation, if you wish to improve your everyday life, do not hesitate to contact us.

How to get to us?

You can travel by plane, car or bus via direct line from anywhere in Europe. Our clinics are located in interesting tourist destinations, which are also convenient for your co-travelers. Do you need help arranging your travel to EuroPainClinics®? Contact us.

What to expect?

After initial check-up you will be offered one of our interventional diagnostic procedures. If we succeed in localizing the source of pain and the pain relief will be sufficient, you will be offered a therapeutic procedure based on our discussions. For more information on the procedures and prices (CZK), click here.

How to pay for our services?

You may pay in cash in EUR or CZK or use a credit card on the Prague clinic.

Which languages do we speak?

The official languages are: English, Swedish, Croatian, Czech and Slovak. If you need to use other languages in your communication with us, please, contact us.

What to bring with you?

Because accurate diagnostic tests are needed, please bring with you the following medical documentation if you have it: Results / images of imaging examination methods such as magnetic resonance imaging (results ideally less than 3 months old, but no more than 6 months old), CT scan (computed tomography), X-ray, health specialist recommendations (neurosurgeon, neurologist, orthopaedic surgeon, rehabilitation physician) and your overall medical report.

Is it possible to send my medical results electronically?

Yes, but only during an online consultation of your diagnosis. In the E-consulting section, please attach your medical records from your physician, including MR (magnetic resonance) results of the back with a filled in “Medical opinion” form.

In the case of evaluating your medical indication as a suitable diagnosis to perform  one of the medical procedures at EPC, our specialists will suggest a preliminary treatment plan and contact you as soon as possible via email or telephone to set a date for your first consultation.

In the case of your medical indication not being suitable for treatment at EPC, we will inform you about this via email as soon as possible.

We do not accept medical results sent via email, CD or any similar format.

Medical examination results needed:

  • MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) – ideally not older than 3 months, can be up to 6 months old
  • CT (computed tomography) – if available
  • A full medical record from your expert physician (neurosurgeon, orthopaedist, rehabilitation physician)
  • Information about any additional medical conditions, e.g. cardiological problems, an implanted pacemaker, hypertension, hypotension, coagulation problems, diabetes, etc.

You can also book an appointment by calling +421 984 404 593  (central phone number for the clinics in Bratislava, Bardejov and Kosice) and +420 702 297 397  for the clinic in Prague, where we will set a date for your first appointment at EuroPainClinics® and give you any additional information that you will need.