Stim Center

Neuromodulatory treatment is one of the top medical approaches and is used successfully in the treatment of complicated chronic pain (except for cancer).
A patient with a neurostimulator should normally be able return to everyday activities, popular hobbies and the work process as much as possible. As with all methods, 100% pain relief is not always achieved and not every patient is comfortable with the neurostimulator. However, we think that even a minor improvement in pain is important for you.

An important fact for you as a patient is that neurostimulators have been successfully used in patients worldwide for many years

  • with severe long-term back pain without a clear cause
  • after repeated spinal surgery
  • with insoluble pain in the hands or legs

Contact us and we will try to find the cause of your pain, recommend a suitable neurostimulator and ascertain the options for its implantation.

If you think your life is affected by unstoppable pain and you have undergone various types of treatment without the expected pain relief, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have you exercised?
  • Have you been to physiotherapy?
  • Have you been taking medications for years?
  • Have they given you an injection in your spine?
  • Have you been operated on your spine at least once?
  • Do you feel undesirable effects from your current treatment?

Did you answer YES and are you interested in learning more about the options for treating your pain? Then fill in and send us the E-consultation form and other documentation. After evaluating the documents, we would be glad to make an appointment for an initial consultation with our pain management specialist.

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