MUDr. Vlasta Vinklerová, Consultant in Pain Medicine


Dr. Vlasta Vinklerová is an anesthesiologist, intensivist and expert in pain treatment, certified in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, with more than 20 years of clinical expertise. She specializes in conventional pain treatment and interventional pain treatment under radiological guidance.


  • Slovak Society for Pain Research and Treatment (SSSLB)
  • Slovak Society for Interventional Pain Treatment (SIA)
  • International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP)

Hospitals and International Collaborations

Central Military Hospital in Ružomberok, Slovakia (Consultant, Anesthesia and Intensive Care, Pain Treatment), 1993–present

St. Anne´s University Hospital Brno, Czech Republic (Resident, Anesthesia and Intensive Care, Pain Treatment), 1986–1993