The EuroPainClinics® Cadaver Workshop fulfilled its aim of high-quality education at an international level

04. 7. 2016

The first international cadaver workshop, which took place on the 21st and 22nd of June in the premises of the Department of Anatomy, FM UC in Bratislava, was greatly appreciated by all participants. Its interactive concept, combining theoretical and practical tutelage, was a beneficial and inspirational source for continuing in their professional work.

Almost thirty doctors/specialists from the Czech and Slovak Republics, Croatia, the Ukraine as well as a group of doctors from China, met at the workshop. Over the two days, the participants worked in two working groups under the guidance of instructors – Dr. G. Michael Hess (Germany), Dr. Anthony Hammond (United Kingdom), MUDr. Róbert Rapčan (Slovak Republic), Dr. Lars Walén (Sweden), Dr. Agnieszka Marcinowska-Kaliszczak and Dr. Wojciech Piotr Nierodzińsky (Poland). Training in minimally invasive spinal techniques in the cervical, thoracic, and lumbosacral spine, including different types of blockades, was accompanied by professional discussions and knowledge exchange. All of the workshop participants had the opportunity to improve their working techniques or to learn new procedures and get acquainted with new trends in the interventional treatment of pain. The workshop programme was further enriched by an expert lecture on the topic of “Interventional Spinal Pain Management” by Dr. Anthony Hammond.

Here are a few quotes from the workshop participants’ responses:

MUDr. Pavel Schvarcz, Deputy Head of the Algesiological Clinic, At SHI, UHsP in Banská Bystrica, assessed his impression after the workshop: “My overall impression is quite positive. Everything was very well organised, and I particularly liked the focus on practice. The theory was very beneficial, but the practical was very well handled and there was enough space for everyone. I appreciated the very friendly and helpful approach”. The possibility to practice spinal techniques was appreciated by MUDr. Michal Matias, an anaesthesiologist at the General University Hospital on Charles Square in Prague: “The workshop was great and, as they say ‘repetition is the mother of all learning’ – therefore I highly appreciated the opportunity to repeat all the techniques that one needs in one’s practice, and of course getting to know the latest innovations.” MUDr. L’ubomír Poliak, anaesthesiologist at the University Hospital L. Pasteur in Košice, said: “My impressions are excellent, the greatest benefit for me was to see how the trainers work and how the techniques are carried out properly and officially.”
Personally, I think that what we saw here over the two days definitely met our expectations,” corroborated MUDr. Michal Venglarčík, PhD., a specialist in pain treatment at EuroPainClinics®. “We learnt a number of practical things that are based on the rich experience of the participating instructors. Thanks to the Department we had an absolutely relaxed environment and the organisational team responded brilliantly to all the requests. We are looking forward to the next meeting of this type.”

MUDr. Róbert Rapčan, FIPP, Medical Director, EuroPainClinics ®, as the workshop’s expert guarantor and instructor, summed up in conclusion: “I think we have managed to accomplish everything we set out to when planning the programme. If there were any minor inaccuracies, the absolute professionalism of the instructors eventually led to us managing everything that we wanted to in the framework of the teaching, and as concerns the quality, was even much better than I expected. I am very satisfied, and in the future, when we repeat this kind of event, we will focus on further improving the organisational aspects.”

At EuroPainClinics ® we are proud to have organised this unique event, which is a prestigious calling card for our professional activities at the domestic and international level. We thank all of the participants and instructors for an a great job.  At the same time we are very appreciative of the excellent cooperation with the Department of Anatomy, led by the Institute’s head doc. MUDr. Eliška Kubíková PhD., thanks to whom this unique and challenging project could come to fruition. The organising team also deserves a huge thank-you for ensuring the workshop ran so smoothly.
Media monitoring in Slovak and Czech Republic you can see here:–miniinvazivni-spinalni-techniky