The journal Bolest published an expert article by MUDr. Martin Griger and MUDr. Juraj Mláka

20. 6. 2017

An expert article entitled “Technical Aspects of Epiduroroscopy” by MUDr. Martin Griger, the head doctor at EuroPainClinics® in Bratislava, and MUDr. Juraj Mláka, the head doctor at the EuroPainClinics® in Košice was published in the latest issue of the journal Bolest  No. 2/2017.

In the article the authors comprehensively deal with epiduroscopy as an important diagnostic and therapeutic method for chronic pain that occurs after an operation on the back, most often as a result of failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS) with the subsequent emergence of epidural fibrosis (fibrous adhesions) in the epidural space.

The journal also published a Report on the 2nd International Cadaver Workshop, organized by EuroPainClinics® in cooperation with the Anatomical Institute of the Medical Faculty of Comenius University in Bratislava at the beginning of March.

Source: Tigis, Bolest No. 2/2017

Expert Article

Report Cadaver Workshop

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