The medical seminar confirmed that experts are interested in the issue of interventional treatment of back pain

12. 5. 2016

The professional seminar, which took place on Monday, 2 may 2016 in Košice, met with a strong response in the medical community. During an afternoon of lectures more than 30 guests heard themed presentations by EuroPainClinics® specialists on the interventional treatment of pain and used the opportunity to have professional discussions.

The seminar successfully introduced the latest medical trends in treatment methods and techniques for chronic back pain, one of the most widespread health phenomena throughout society at present. Guests listened with great interest to the professional talks.

In the framework of a lecture on the interventional treatment of pain MUDr. Robert Rapčan, FIPP, talked about the importance of diagnostic outputs for a precise identification of the source of back pain, at the same time they also engaged in an interactive examination of the expertise acquired on the subject of a precise diagnosis. In another lecture Dr. Michael Hess, an international specialist in the medical treatment for pain and an orthopaedic surgeon, shared his extensive experience in the area of advanced endoscopic techniques. With more than a thousand “endoscopic patients” operated upon, this top German expert is one of the most skilled endoscopic surgeons in Europe and the world. The theme of Epiduroscopy, methods leading to the removal of epidural adhesions on the spine, was developed in the presentation by the interventional specialist, anaesthesiologist and algesiologist MUDr. Juraj Mláka. Corporate information, including EuroPainClinics’ mission and the activities planned for developing methods for treating pain were outlined to the guests by Mgr. Miroslav Hutka, the company’s Executive Director. The conclusion of the seminar was dedicated to a discussion of the technical and practical issues of various treatment methods.

The seminar successfully fulfilled its goal – to reach out to the professional public about the issue of intervention for back pain. Continuing in this theme, EuroPainClinics® is preparing further education projects and activities taking in more countries.

Seminár Košice 2016 Seminár Košice 2016 Seminár Košice 2016
Mgr. Miroslav Hutka introduced EuroPainClinics activity MD. Robert Rapčan, FIPP, spoke about the importance of spine diagnostics Dr. Michael Hess addressed the benefits of endoscopic discectomy
Seminár Košice 2016 Seminár Košice 2016
MD. Jural Mláka presented his informations about the epiduroscopy The overwhelming participation confirmed that experts are interested in the issue