The new international web site presents the treatment of back pain at EuroPainClinics® for patients from around the world

02. 6. 2016

Since June this year we’ve been running a new interactive web site as an international source of current and useful online information about the methods and treatment options for chronic back pain at EuroPainClinics’® clinical partner workplaces.

The web page provides summary information on the issue of long-term back pain and its treatment options including comprehensive patient care during the procedure. The individual sections and chapters make it easy to find your way around. There are many online tools available for foreigners interested in treatment at EuroPainClinics allowing them to contact a workplace and subsequently talk with a medical specialist.

The spectrum of diagnostic, minimally invasive and endoscopic procedures provided is summarised in the Medical Procedures section. Here the patient can watch the progress of the various interventions in the accompanying animated videos. Part of the section is an overview of the technical equipment and instrumentation that EuroPainClinics ® works with. A separate chapter is devoted to testing using magnetic resonance imaging.
The Treatment Guide section gives the key information about treatment at EuroPainClinics®. Detailed instructions take the patient “step by step” from the first contact, by means of an online form, via a video-consultation with a specialist in the treatment of pain up to the online appointment for the treatment. The next subsections give patients a detailed introduction to the overall process of their treatment – the first visit to a specialist workplace, the operating day, what the post-operative regime and convalescence period involves and what additional services can be chosen during the stay, it also gives a whole range of practical recommendations.

More information and contacts for EuroPainClinics’® individual partner and cooperating workplaces is given in the Clinics section, as well as information about EuroPainClinics®.

The web’s homepage has a Medical Experts section presenting the leading specialists for the interventional treatment of pain and the EuroPainClinics’® leaders. MUDr. Robert Rapčan, FIPP, Dr. Michael Hess, Dr. Lars Walén and Dr. Anthony Hammond are renowned in European and world medicine and act as a guarantee of top-quality treatment at EuroPainClinics’® partner sites.

The web pages at are in English, other language versions will be created during 2016.