Three new web pages promote international awareness about the treatments at EuroPainClinics®

05. 12. 2016

The chronic back pain troubles millions of patients around the world every day. We offer our expertise and our wealth of clinical experience not only to domestic patients, but also to those from abroad. Currently there are an additional three new web sites up and running which familiarise readers with the treatment at EuroPainClinics® across the world and provide more detailed information on back pain treatments. We will introduce you gradually.

The international Web page,  has been providing information about the treatments on offer at EuroPainClinics®, including the option of an online order form, since May this year. The pages are available, as these three new websites, not only in English but also in Czech and Slovak language. and they also have their Facebook page (in English). The language versions make it easier to access the information for Czech or Slovak citizens, who, for example, have been living or working abroad and are interested in treatment in a more familiar environment.The website also have their Facebook page (in English).

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