Expert seminar in Bratislava: Current trends in the interventional back pain management

12. 10. 2016

The current trends in the interventional treatment of back pain were presented by the leading medical specialists from EuroPainClinics®, at the professional workshop in Bratislava on 4 October.

The goal of the interventional treatment of pain is to reveal the source of the pain and determine the most effective treatment method, which, by affecting the nerve structures, leads to a significant reduction in the perception of pain or to its elimination. The workshop’s professional programme offered the guests, primarily neurologists, new perspectives in the area of the interventional treatment of pain and familiarised them with innovative approaches in the treatment of back pain over three interesting lectures.

MUDr. Róbert Rapčan, FIPP talked on the theme of a precise diagnosis in interventional pain management, which is the basis of successful treatment. In this context, a lively debate was opened up primarily focussing on the issue of the right time to send a patient for an interventional procedure.  Dr. G. Michael Hess, a EuroPainClinics® expert, spoke about the benefits of endoscopic spinal procedures and, as one of the most experienced international spinal surgeons with more than 1500 endoscopic operations behind him, he also shared his experience from his extensive clinical practice.

MUDr. Martin Griger, the algesiologist and chief physician of the EuroPainClinics ® specialist outpatient clinic in Bratislava, focussed on the endoscopic procedure called epiduroscopy, which is used to treat pain in the case of epidural fibrosis in the spinal canal as a result of FBSS (failed back surgery syndrome).

The mission and activities of EuroPainClinics®, the guarantor of the partner workplaces in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and the cooperating European clinics, was presented to the guests by the Executive Director of the company Mgr. Miroslav Hutka.

The seminar, accredited by the Slovak Accreditation Council for Continuous Medical Education (SACCME), brought not only theoretical knowledge, but also a lot of practical and useful information for use in daily practice. At the same time it confirmed the interest of doctors in the area of interventional pain management, which EuroPainClinics® is continuously developing as part of its long-term educational activities.