www.spinalendoscopy.eu: endoscopic procedures of the spine

08. 12. 2016

The new international web page www.spinalendoscopy.eu offers information about the modern possibilities of surgical treatment on the spine with the help of innovative endoscopic techniques. The pages present advanced treatment methods using endoscopic discectomy (treating intervertebral disc prolapses) and endoscopic rhizotomy (endoscopic facet joint denervation), which we at EuroPainClinics® provide, including the benefits of minimally-invasive endoscopic procedures in comparison with classic spine operations. Visitors can get to know the EuroPainClinics®medical experts who perform the procedures, they can find contacts for EuroPainClinics® workplaces and, above all, they have the opportunity to make an online appointment for an initial consultation. The Treatment Guide summarizes the detailed steps about the overall course of treatment, services for patients and a variety of practical information before and after treatment. The pages at www.spinalendoscopy.eu are available in English, Czech and Slovak.

EuroPainClinics® Experts will treat you
The team at EuroPainClinics® consists of renowned international experts: MUDr. Robert Rapčan, FIPP, an interventional pain management specialist and leading expert in the treatment of pain, the holder of the prestigious Fellow of Interventional Pain Practise, dr. G. Michael Hess, a German spinal surgeon with more than 1500 successful endoscopic operations making him one of the most experienced endoscopic operators in the world dr. Anthony Hammond, a rheumatologist and specialist in pain management with a specialisation in advanced minimally invasive and endoscopic techniques for treating lower back pain and neck pain including whiplash syndrome, treatment of the joints and soft tissues and dr.  Lars Walén, a Swedish anaesthesiologist and specialist in intensive care medicine who is part of a group of the leading experts in the field of treating pain using interventional techniques under the guidance of x-ray and ultrasound.

More you can find on www.spinalendoscopy.eu
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