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Precise spinal diagnosis, minimally invasive and endoscopic procedures for your effective relief from chronic back pain.
Our mission: „To prove professional and innovative health care solutions that can relieve pain skillfully and precisely. To this end, we employ modern minimally invasive endoscopic procedures, along with first-class support and services, where pain is concerned."

MUDr. Ladislav Kočan, PhD, presented a EuroPainClinics® clinical trial on epiduroscopy in Salzburg

MUDr. Ladislav Kočan, PhD, a Clinical Research Manager at EuroPainClinics®, successfully took part in the prestigious Salzburg Medical Seminars, an international seminar of medical postgraduate education on “Clinical Research Methods 2017”, in Salzburg from 2 to 8 July. At the seminar he introduced the EuroPainClinics® Study II clinical study on treatment using epiduroscopy, which received a […]

MUDr. Róbert Rapčan, FIPP, at the 5th International Conference on Interventional Pain Medicine and Neuromodulation in Warsaw

Both European and world medical experts took part in the 5th International Conference on Interventional Pain Medicine & Neuromodulation associated with the X Hands-on Cadaver Workshop from 30 June to 1 July. One of the main lecturers and instructors was MUDr. Róbert Rapčan, FIPP. He shared his rich clinical experience in the field of his specialty, which […]

Articles on the endoscopic procedures are available on Czech Wikipedia

Czech Wikipedia has published the other articles on the endoscopic procedures that we have prepared for the public at EuroPainClinics®. Readers can find articles about Epiduroscopy and Endoscopic discectomy procedures. Epiduroskopie Endoskopické ošetření vyhřezlé meziobratlové ploténky Last year an article on Endoscopic rhizotomy treatment was published: Endoskopická rizotomie

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Treatment of chronic pain in EuroPainClinics®

At EuroPainClinics®, we provide treatment through innovative, scientifically-based and maximally safe procedures, that are the absolute peak of current interventional pain management. All procedures are based on evidence-based medicine (EBM, evidence-based medicine) and are governed by the SIS (Spine Intervention Society) recommendations. In clinical practice, the results of our own research activity are also being applied. Our clinics provide comprehensive interventional back pain diagnostics, outpatient care and one-day surgery. We do not focus on back pain associated with oncological diagnoses and common pain in the movement apparatus.

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