Monitoring the parameters of treatment

Monitoring the parameters of treatment

Treatment according to the exact plan

The main benefit of EuroPainClinics workplaces is a comprehensive system of healthcare provided in one place – from outpatient examination and treatment to surgery, which saves patient time and speeds up the treatment process.

We propose an accurate and specific treatment plan for each patient, including a detailed diagnosis and a series of therapeutic procedures, including special functional stabilization exercises and post-procedure regimes.

The treatment plan is based on precisely defined procedures (algorithms), which include a detailed breakdown of all treatment approaches. In practice, this means that a patient, for whom the best treatment option is most probably a minimally invasive and endoscopic procedure,  all available options for solving their health issues, including possible recommendation of other specialties, are provided. 

Patient monitoring

We regularly monitor the health status of each patient throughout their treatment until the end. Continuous and thorough monitoring of the health status of patients at EuroPainClinics is a unique act in the context of similar healthcare facilities, by which we represent a high level of our professional patient care.

Clinical standards of treatment at EuroPainClinics are guided by the recommendations of the international companies SIS (Spine Intervention Society) and WIP (World Institute of Pain) as guarantors of quality and expertise in the field of pain treatment. In this context, at EuroPainClinics, we continuously monitor specific indicators, such as pain intensity (VAS) and quality of life (QoL) of the patient, using questionnaires.

The benefits of VAS and QoL questionnaires for your treatment

The benefits of VAS and QoL questionnaires for your treatment

The questionnaires generally provide knowledge that can be used to continuously improve the health care provided at our workplaces. They are part of the basis for expanding treatment approaches, developing clinical algorithms and identifying other needs of patients in the treatment of back pain. By completing the questionnaire, the patient provides the doctor with important information about his current state of health, how he really feels and how pain limits him in everyday life and in performing normal activities. It not only helps itself, but also leaves “clues” that can be helpful for other patients with similar health problems.


  • Completing the questionnaires takes place in a waiting room on a tablet * intended only for this purpose, which is given to the patient by the nurse.
  • Completion takes place privately (questions are clearly worded).
  • Completing the questionnaires takes about 3 to 5 minutes.
  • The VAS and QoL questionnaires can be completed and sent by the patient before his first visit to EuroPainClinics in the link provided in the email sent for this purpose 48 hours before the visit. The advantage of sending the questionnaires online is to save time for the patient and the staff at the clinic.

Given that the data obtained will be helpful only in the treatment of the patient, it is in their interest to answer all questions in a way that best corresponds to the reality of health.

* The use of the tablet is ensured in accordance with the increased hygienic conditions in the workplace related to the COVID-19 disease.

Which parameters are monitored?

VAS – visual analog scale

It is a pain intensity rating scale that is divided into grades from 0 to 10, with a grade of 0 meaning no pain and 10 meaning unbearable pain.

After the procedure – in the first couple of days, the nurse will contact you by phone to check how you are doing and what pain relieving effect you are currently experiencing. Monitoring will allow us to evaluate the intensity of your pain and correct your treatment plan. For this purpose, you will receive a VAS card, which contains the characteristics of the intensity of pain for each degree and will help you to describe how you feel to the inquiring nurse.

QoL Questionnaire (EQ-5D-5L)

To monitor some types of endoscopic procedures, our clinical researcher at the EuroPainClinics obtained an exclusive licence for using the EQ-5D-5L questionnaire, which monitors the patient’s health at five levels (mobility, self-care, ability to  perform every-day activities such as work, studying, hobbies, pain/difficulties and anxiety or depression) on a scale from 0 to 100. The parameters of this questionnaire contribute to the research of the patient’s quality of life globally, in different populations and in the context of the economy.

Questionnaire ODI – Oswestry Disability Index

The questionnaire assesses the patient’s quality of life in everyday activities (strength of pain, managing personal needs, carrying loads, walking, sitting, standing, sleeping, social life, sex life, travel). Through this questionnaire, the patient provides information on how back or leg pain affects his daily life.

Questionnaires for EuroPainClinics clinical trials

The patient can also be approached by a physician to participate in a clinical study conducted at EuroPainClinics, which analyzes and evaluates the benefits of treatment with minimally invasive and endoscopic procedures at the research level. Clinical trials are registered in the international database U.S. National Institutes of Health and their results are published in domestic and international professional journals. If they agree, the patient will be contacted by the clinical trial coordinator, who will instruct them in detail on the entire course of participation in the study.

EuroPainClinics satisfaction questionnaires

You will also be asked to complete an internal satisfaction questionnaire. The information obtained helps us to improve the offer of our services and to improve the care of our patients.

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