Medial branch nerves blockade

The diagnostic procedure is performed if the pain is suspected to come from the intervertebral or facet joints. These are small joints connecting the vertebrae of the spine. Each joint is innervated by a small nerve – a medial branch nerve that allows you to perceive pain from these joints. The pain usually manifests itself as sharp when the back is bent over, cramps are also possible. Pain relief is observed during forward bending.

How is the procedure performed?

We block the medial branch nerves by inserting a desensitizing drug near them to see if they are the source of back pain.

The diagnostic procedure is not painful except for a small injection sting, and it can relieve the pain for a long time.

  • Outpatient procedure
  • Duration up to 20 minutes
  • Without local anesthesia

If follow-up therapy is needed, we proceed to other minimally-invasive and endoscopic procedures.

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