Pulsed radiofrequency with subsequent cryoablation

Osteoarthritis is one of the most common non-inflammatory diseases of the joints. It mainly affects large, so-called weight-bearing joints (hip, knee joints), but it is also manifested in smaller joints, e.g. fingers. Joint degeneration can be accelerated by birth defects, injuries, infections, obesity, as well as work, when the joint is stressed for a long time due to repeated activity. The cartilage wears out with advancing age. It most often affects people aged around 60, but younger patients (from 45-50 years) are no exception.

Pulsed radiofrequency with subsequent cryoablation

At EuroPainClinics, we provide treatment of knee pain in advanced osteoarthritis using original radiofrequency therapy followed by cryoablation, i.e. freezing of nerve structures.

How does the procedure work?

The procedure is performed with a special probe, which is connected to a generator for the purpose of pulsed radiofrequency with subsequent cryoanalgesia. The power is designed for pulsed radiofrequency of nerve structures and their subsequent freezing. It is used for long-term pain relief. The location of the probe is under X-ray, CT or USG navigation.

The advantages of Pulse radiofrequency followed by cryoablation

  • No risk of secondary pain, scarring and damage to blood vessels
  • The procedure may be repeated (nerves may grow)
  • Percutaneous (i.e. conducted through the skin), minimally invasive procedure under local anesthesia
  • No need for hospitalization
  • Procedure duration up to 30 min

Diagnostic procedure

By injecting a local anesthetic near the three genicular (knee) nerves, we will determine whether the subsequent radiofrequency denervation will be sufficiently effective. The active substance causes short-term pain relief of the knee.

What happens after the procedure

  • After the procedure, the patient stays in the waiting room recommended by the doctor, then returns home
  • The procedure does not require sick-leave of the patient.

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