Research activities of EuroPainClinics

Research activities of EuroPainClinics

EuroPainClinics as a partner of the Slovak Academy of Sciences

Joint work on comprehensive structured research is the main focus of the partnership between EuroPainClinics and the Institute of Measurement of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, which has agreed on mutual cooperation since March 2020. The cooperation defines activities including development, research and application of measurement models and mathematical algorithms for optimal design and implementation of clinical trials, analysis of observed data and statistical evaluation of clinical trials, joint scientific publication, development of other products and services in accordance with scientific and technological objectives. both partners and many other projects. In particular, the collaboration makes it possible to make the most of the dynamically growing potential of the EuroPainClinics clinical research sector in the context of a societal impact, with the aim of providing relevant results for the general public.

Professional publishing activity

Výsledky dlhoročného klinického výskumu EuroPainClinics, ktorý je realizovaný formou klinických štúdií, sú pravidelne publikované v tuzemských a zahraničných impaktovaných periodikách (Pain Medicine, Wiener klinische Wochenschrift, Herald Scholarly Open Access Journals/Journal of Energency Medicine Trauma and Surgical Care, Bratislava Medical Journal a i.)

Prehľad odborných prác EuroPainClinics

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