Intervertebral (facet) joints

Medzistavcové (fazetové) kĺby

Pain from intervertebral joints

Facet joints are small joints enabling the link between the vertebrae of the spine. Pain of these joints is caused by the small nerves, the so-called medial branches.

How does the pain manifest itself?

  • Pain comes from the lower part of the spine and can radiate to the hips, the inguinal area and legs, often down to the knee.
  • The pain is dull, deep and often difficult to describe
  • Bending backwards and to the side often worsen the pain, forward bending is usually not a problem
  • THe symptoms are worse with longer periods of sitting or standing, minor activity may improve the pain
  • Morning stiffness and pain on the sides of the back are fairly common, and can be accompanied by muscle spasms. 

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