Lumbar spine

Lumbar spine

The main specialization of EuroPainClinics is the precise diagnosis and treatment of back and lower limb pain using a wide range of procedures, especially in patients with pain caused by intervertebral disc herniation or failed back surgery syndrome.

One of the common sources of pain resulting from lumbar spine involvement is the root (radicular) syndrome, which arises as a result of compression, irritation or damage to the nerve root. The diagnosis of root syndrome applies to patients who have not yet undergone surgery, as well as to patients who have already undergone one or more spinal surgeries. 

What are the typical symptoms of nerve root pain?

  • Pain radiating to one or more dermatomes of the nerve roots, especially in the lower limb
  • decrease or loss of sensation or motor function of the limb, in the fingers, inability to lift the foot, stand on tiptoes, stand on the heels
  • unilateral pulsating, stinging pain, paresthesias, etc
  • pain manifesting itself while bending forward, sitting down, walking, coughing, pressure during defecation, sometimes even during relaxation, etc

A set of these symptoms is called radicular nerve root pain.

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