Nerve root blockade under X-ray control

Roots of the spinal nerves are most often exposed to compression or mechanical irritation when the intervertebral disc is bulged/herniated or the epidural space is narrowed.

The pain is manifested by a set of symptoms called root (radicular) pain with a typical radiation from the lower back to the lower limb. It may also be a manifestation of acute back pain due to sciatica.

How does the procedure work?

By injecting a local anesthetic near the spinal nerves, we find out whether the nerve is a source of pain. The active substance also acts against nerve inflammation, which can lead to a reduction or even complete elimination of pain.

  • Outpatient surgery
  • Duration up to 20 minutes
  • Without local anesthesia

If follow-up therapy is needed, we proceed to other minimally-invasive and endoscopic procedures.

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