Back pain after spinal surgery

The main specialization of EuroPainClinics is the precise diagnosis and treatment of back pain with a focus on the lumbar spine area due to an herniated intervertebral disc, and the treatment of back pain after spinal surgery. If your health problems are related to this issue, contact our specialists and find out what help and optimal solutions we can provide at EuroPainClinics workplaces.

What is failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS)?

In some cases, it happens that the patient undergoes surgery or repeated surgeries of the spine, and yet the back pain persists, or even new pain appears… It may be a failed back surgery syndrome. This is a situation where spinal surgery was technically and anatomically performed correctly, yet the patient’s back pain did not change, worsened, or a new one appeared. Statistically, it can manifest itself in up to 30% of operated patients.

What are the typical symptoms of FBSS?

  • Sharp or stabbing root (radicular) pain in the lumbar spine
  • Spasms in the back
  • Pain spreading to one or both limbs
  • Pain above or below the operated area
  • Variable pain depending on the site of involvement in the spine
  • Reduction of range of motion and mobility
  • Chronic (long-term) pain lasting six months or more

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