Ashish Shetty, M.D., MBBS, FRCA, ECFMG, FFPMRCA, is a renowned international specialist in pain management.

Dr. Shetty gained experience at Cambridge University Hospitals and worked as a pain control researcher at Guys & St Thomas Hospital in London. He is a specialist in pain management at University College London Hospitals and an honorary doctor at Great Ormond Street Hospital. He runs a private practice at Harley Street Clinic and London Bridge Hospital. His specialization is mainly chronic pain: neuromodulation, spinal cord stimulators, sports medicine, pelvic pain, multidisciplinary approach to pain treatment, CRPS.

He currently holds a number of positions and acts as

  • Member of the Central Committee: London School of Regional Anesthesia
  • Council member and teaching staff: Royal Society of Medicine
  • Chief Physician and Member of the Council: London Pain Forum
  • Chief Physician of the Department of Neuromodulation, UCLH
  • Head of Education, Faculty of Pain Medicine, Royal College of Anesthesia, London
  • Chief Physician for Adolescent Patients, Department of Pain Medicine, UCLH, GOSH
  • Medical expert for specialist doctors, University College London Hospitals
  • Course leader Symposium on abdominopelvic pain
  • Chief Physician of the MSc Neuromodulation Department: University College London

In research activities, the profile focuses on neuromodulation, neuropathic pain, back pain and pelvic pain.

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