Miroslav Buriánek, M.D., MBA

Chairman of the Board of EPC Health Invest SE

More than 20 years of experience of Dr. Buriánek in corporate management, strategic planning, marketing, business processes and customer value management is a key contribution to the continuous and progressive development and expansion of EuroPainClinics at the domestic and international level. At present, the company is profoundly involved in the implementation of managed health care into health systems, the development of telemedicine, e-Health, and the evaluation of the quality of care provided. He has worked for a long time in the segment of medical technologies and pharmaceutical companies in Europe. Together with insurance companies, hospitals, patient organizations and professional societies, he designed, developed and implemented business and educational programs within the Slovak Republic and the EU. He received his medical degree from the Medical Faculty of Charles University and his MBA from Nottingham Trent University. He spends a large part of his time with his family, practicing sports with his children as well as his three dogs.

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