Wojciech Nierodziński, M.D.

Wojciech Nierodziński, M.D. is a leading Polish and European specialist in the treatment of pain. He graduated from the Medical University in Bialystok and obtained his specialization in the field of anesthesiology and intensive care. He worked at the University Hospital in Białystok and at the Hospital of the Ministry of the Internal Affairs in Białystok and Warsaw. He currently works at the provincial integrated hospital in Bialystok and at the Independent Public Health Center in Mońki and works with the team of the district hospital in Zambrów.

He has worked for a long time in university hospitals in Ireland (Rotunda Mater Misericordiae, Cappagh Hospital in Dublin), where he deepened his knowledge in the field of anesthesiology, intensive care and pain management. Throughout his professional career, he continued his education in the field of non-invasive methods of pain management at prestigious British clinics, including Guy’s Hospital and St. Thomas Hospital in London.

Dr. Nierodzinski is the first doctor in Poland to perform thermolysis in the peripheral nervous system. He also currently works at the pain treatment clinic in Bialystok, which is a collaborative workplace using the EuroPainClinics knowledge platform, where he focuses on various types of pain syndromes, migraine treatment, back pain and post-traumatic and neuropathic pain. He is the author of a number of professional articles and lectures devoted to minimally invasive methods of pain treatment and regional anesthesia.

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